January 30, 2017

A message to Our Customers

As we look ahead to 2017, Foonet has made predictions on who is going to be huge! Today is an exciting day for our network as we deliver a large number of new features and enhancements that have been in the works for many many months.

In addition to the below there are a number of other features that have yet to be enabled but will be in the coming weeks and months. I'd like to concentrate for now on the new features that have been introduced today.

New enhancements

Help topics already reflected the new changes.
New website will be created and tailored to suit based on the feedback we receive over the coming days and weeks.


If you have any questions, suggestions, any bug reports (eek!) or even general feedback should go to

Stay tuned for more updates, we have more great stuff to announce soon.

Foonet/Alin -- Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

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